Debriefer & Decompression/Reintegration Redeployment Coordinator

Posted Date 2 months ago(5/19/2022 10:59 PM)
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XLA is looking for a Debriefer & Decompression/Reintegration Redeployment Coordinator to support a federal customer located at Ramstein AB, Germany. This job description is as follows:

  • Plans, reviews, coordinates, evaluates, and integrates actions required to support current and future operational missions;
  • Assesses operational readiness and determines capability of units, commanders, and staff elements;
  • Develops, reviews and revises military training plans and standards


  • Manage all activities related to the redeployment of AFOSI personnel through Ramstein AB, Germany to participate in the Post-Deployment Decompression/Reintegration and Expeditionary Lessons-Learned Program
  • Coordinate with individual deployers, EFIS, deployed units and other relevant parties to schedule/plan the redeployment of AFOSI personnel through Ramstein AB
  • To include all procedural and logistical requirements related to their travel, lodging and 4-day TDY at Ramstein AB  
  • Maintain contact with redeployers as needed prior to redeployment to answer questions, address any issues, facilitate travel plans, and psychologically prepare redeployees to participate in the program
  • Coordinate with the USAF Deployment Transition Center (DTC), Ramstein AB, Germany, to schedule AFOSI redeployees to attend the DTC decompression/reintegration program, including lodging arrangements.  
  • HQ AFOSI/XB establishes decompression/reintegration requirements specifically for AFOSI personnel, and historically has run AFOSI’s own program, separate from the AF DTC; currently, AFOSI has an arrangement with the AF DTC to provide decompression/reintegration support
  • Track military flights with incoming AFOSI redeployees, using the military air transportation tracking system to remain current on projected arrival times
  • Meet AFOSI redeployees at the military terminal upon arrival, and arrange for AFOSI 5th Field Investigations Region (5 FIR) leadership or designated representatives to also be present to welcome redeployees on behalf of AFOSI/CC.  Prior to handing redeployees over to the AF DTC staff at the terminal, provide AFOSI contact numbers, and inform them of their 4-day schedule, including the AFOSI operational lessons-learn debriefing
  • Ensure all activities related to the decompression/reintegration program and the operational lessons-learned program integrate and flow seamlessly to minimize complexity and facilitate an enjoyable, stress-reducing 4-day experience that prepares AFOSI personnel for a successful and healthy return back home with family, friends and coworkers
  • Monitor redeployed engagement/participation throughout the entire process above, making note as early as possible of any problems/issues requiring follow-up by appropriate AFOSI personnel, leaders, counselors, or medical providers.  Immediately consult with HQ AFOSI/XB regarding any such sensitive issues.  It is critical to protect the privacy and/or confidentiality of individual redeployees who disclose sensitive personal information
  • Work closely with unit leaders and deployed/field commanders to ensure no personnel fall between the cracks, even those deployed to highly classified missions to undisclosed locations. The program is designed to be efficient and flexible, accommodating unique AFOSI missions and often unpredictable redeployment schedules


  •  Execute all aspects of AFOSI’s Expeditionary Operations Lessons Learned Program, including the collection, analysis, validation, documentation and dissemination of operational lessons, problems and best practices
  • Conduct comprehensive, structured operational debriefings of all redeployees, following guidance established by HQ AFOSI/XB.
  • Debriefings are normally conducted in a group setting, including all AFOSI personnel attending the program at the same time.
  • Debriefings will cover a full range of topics, including (but not limited to) pre-deployment processes, training (pre-deployment and on-site training), resources and equipment (weapons, vehicles, etc), deployed mission activities (operational planning, tactics, source operations, analyst support, linguists, etc), unit organization/processes, leadership, and all other topics relevant to deployed operations
  • Debrief AFOSI personnel redeploying from the CENTCOM AOR as well as those redeploying from other combat deployments and high-risk missions in other AORs world-wide, identifying shared lessons, trends, errors, problems and best practices that can be directly applied to reduce risk and increase the effectiveness of operations in CENTCOM and other AORs
  • Develop and/or utilize, as needed, structured questionnaires and other tools to collect objective, measurable data about AFOSI expeditionary operations to supplement or enhance the information obtained through debriefings
  • Produce detailed lessons-learned reports designed to be useful to warfighters, senior leaders, operational/combat training programs, and other customers or consumers. The format, scheduling and frequency of reports will be established by HQ AFOSI/XB. Formal reports will focus on trends and ensure that information is not attributable to specific personnel. Once reviewed and finalized, all reports are immediately forwarded to the HQ AFOSI Command Lessons-Learned Program for action and dissemination
  • Maintain ongoing communication with HQ AFOSI program managers, process owners, and AFOSI training instructors regarding identified problems, lessons-learned and best practices.
  • Relay information directly to these entities as needed/appropriate for problem-solving, recommendations, and follow-up actions

Other Responsibilities:

  • Follow all guidance from HQ AFOSI/XB regarding all processes, activities, protocols and products related to AFOSI’s post-deployment decompression/reintegration and expeditionary operations lessons-learned program. 
  • Daily oversight and accountability of contractor activities will be provided by a member of the HQ 5 FIR; 5 FIR will also provide all logistical support, work spaces, debriefing rooms, computers and other equipment
  • Travel on occasion as required to CONUS and OCONUS locations to provide information briefs and/or conduct information-collection activities on lessons-learned, operational problems and best-practices
  • Maintain current passport and visa requirements at all times and maintain the ability to be world-wide deployable to include medical clearances and other items outlined in this PWS


  • Bachelor's Degree and a minimum of ten(10) years of related military experience; the degree requirement may be substituted for fifteen (15) years of related military experience.
  • Must have eight(8) years' experience conducting USAF criminal investigations, counterintelligence,

    counterterrorism and source operations, ending within the last three (3) years

  • Five (5) years’ experience in leading people and managing tasks, including supervision of personnel and management of projects and/or complex tasks, with excellent organizational skills is highly desirable

  • One (1) year deployed experience conducting USAF expeditionary activities in direct support to counterintelligence, counterterrorism and/or counter-threat operations in the USCENTCOM AOR, ending within the last three (3) years is highly desirable

  • Five (5) years’ experience in writing law enforcement and/or counterintelligence reports (such as IIRs, Desk Notes, Threat Assessments, Source Validation Reports, etc), and utilizing related  information management systems is highly desirable

  • Extensive experience and in-depth knowledge regarding AFOSI-specific organizational processes, internal structure, culture, HQ/regional/field unit roles/responsibilities, program management, law enforcement and counterintelligence missions, authorities, AFOSI deployed operations and processes, special agent training and expeditionary training is highly desirable

  • Strong written communication skills. Able to sort through, organize and analyze information obtained from multiple individuals and other sources, identify trends, identify potential causes and possible solutions, and clearly articulate these in writing for customers and action officer is highly desirable

  • Strong verbal communication skills. Able to brief small and large audiences, and to effectively facilitate group discussions and working groups to achieve specific objectives is highly desirable

  • Strong interviewing skills.  Able to effectively elicit valuable information from individuals and groups of individuals, using various non-directive, open-ended and direct-questioning techniques is highly desirable

  • Strong/mature interpersonal/relational skills.  Ability to tackle difficult/complex/sensitive personal matters and decisions in a supportive, objective and professional manner

  • Able to manage/protect privacy/confidentiality and consult appropriately

  • Able to build and maintain strong working relationships/liaison with various leaders, units, agencies and key personnel on base to accomplish program objectives is highly desirable

  • Must have experience and working knowledge of the following programs and systems within the last three (3) years: Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access)

  • Knowledge of AFOSI I2MS and CI2MS is highly desirable


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